quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2007

A revista norte-americana American Prospect acabou the publicar uma edição especial sobre a Amazônia que pode ser acessada pelo link abaixo:
September 2007: Tomorrow's Amazonia

Deforestation and Poor Amazonians
Mary Allegretti
Brazil's forest dwellers, often its best stewards, are trying hard to make a living from the standing forest.

The Fractured Landscape
Philip M. Fearnside
A road here and a cattle ranch there imperil more than the immediate vicinity.

Biodiversity in Jeopardy
Michael Goulding and Adrian Forsyth
There are more life forms in Amazonia than anyplace else. But by the end of this century, there may be many fewer.

Better Governance
Stephen Schwartzman and Paulo Moutinho
Expanding the network of protected areas and better environmental-law enforcement can help to curb deforestation.

The Role of the Public Sector
Anthony Hall
Concerted governmental policies to protect the forest have been few and far between.

Till the Cows Come Home
Mark London and Brian Kelly
Once economically marginal, cattle ranching in the Amazon now yields big bucks.

Climate Change and the Forest
Daniel Nepstad
Warming breeds drought, drought breeds fires, fires release carbon, carbon breeds warming.

The Shielded Guianas
Mark J. Plotkin
The global economy discovers the most obscure corner of the rainforest.

Deforestation and Global Markets
Stephen Schwartzman and Paulo Moutinho
An Amazonian dilemma: Brazil has become a global producer, and China a global consumer.

The Search for Solutions
Roger D. Stone
From indigenous people to carbon traders, concerned groups have stepped up the fight to save the Amazon.

Whither Amazonia?
Thomas E. Lovejoy and Yolanda Kakabadse
A new generation of forest-friendly political leaders has emerged in parts of the Amazon.

The Economics of Storing Carbon
Ghillean T. Prance

Tomorrow's Amazonia
Roger D. Stone
As farming, ranching, and logging shrink the globe's great rainforest, the planet heats up. A Prospect special report on the assaults on, and the efforts to protect, the Amazon.

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